[plug] OT - Old PC bits for free

Shanon Loughton autobot at iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 28 15:29:24 WST 2010

And I mean really old :D

1 x CDR Drive, IDE, not sure how fast but manufactured 1997
1 x 1.44MB floppy drive
1 x 2MB? PCI VGA card
1 x 32MB AGP 3D Video Card Diamond Multimedia STL III 2540
1 x Creative PCI Sound card
1 x 16MB? Asus V3000zx AGP 3D Video Card
1 x Sipura VOIP phone adapter SPA 2100
1 x Wingman Joystick with throttle on Game Port only

will throw all out in 48 hrs if no one wants, im in West Perth for pick up.

Happy New Year

0412 584 142
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