[plug] re: mail being rejected

Matt Kemner zombie at penguincare.com.au
Wed Feb 3 11:30:12 WST 2010

Hi Jon

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010, quoth Jon Miller:

> I'm trying to figure out why my incoming mail is being rejected I do not 
> have any parameters in postfix that should be rejecting me.


> mydestination = mmtnetworks.com.au, mail, localhost.localdomain, localhost, jlorenzo.com.au
> mydomain = mmtnetworks.com.au
> myhostname = mmtlnx.mmtnetworks.com.au


> <jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable 
> address: mail for mmtlnx.mmtnetworks.com.au loops back to myself;

It looks to me like jlmiller is an alias to something @mmtlnx.mmtnetworks.com.au

most likely you have something like "jlmiller: jon" in your /etc/aliases 
so it appends "myhostname" which is mmtlnx.mmtnetworks.com.au

However postfix is not configured to accept email under that domain which 
is why it gets all confused when it "loops back to myself"

The solution: add mmtlnx.mmtnetworks.com.au to mydestination

  - Matt

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