[plug] Flash 'cookies'

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Sun Feb 7 21:02:25 WST 2010

> On Sat, 2010-02-06 at 15:39 +0800, Kev wrote:
>> I found another copy of the same .sol files here:
>> ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/macromedia.com/support/flashplayer/sys
> Sure, these are 'scary' when abused by websites, but some are needed to
> maximise browsing convenience. For example, when about to delete a whole
> block of *.sol files I noticed one was for abc's iview. This is how I
> guess the site knows what you've watched before, and even more important
> knowing where you are part way through a stream that gets interrupted.
> Gavin.

I agree, just like HTML cookies, they have very valid uses. It's long been
known that all technologies can be used for both good and evil. Can I turn
off your power and cut off your phone and computer because 'somebody' has
used them in aid of terrorism?

I can cope with cookies by making sure I am in control of which sites can
store such data on my hard drive. I was surprised that flash cookies has
been around so long and I had never heard of them. I am now looking for
the best method of managing them.


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