[plug] Proposal to discuss @ AGM: Great Southern Area

Lee Jamieson leejam at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 11:19:41 WST 2010

On 9 February 2010 11:09, Peter <demo9 at gswd.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm just raising a question that has been put forward a few times in the
> past.  Like a number of the members of this list, I am based in the Great
> Southern region of WA (3 hours drive from Perth) and would really like the
> opportunity to meet with other Linux users but it's very difficult to get to
> meetings in Perth.  I was hoping to come to the AGM this year but once again
> am unable to do so due to other time/work commitments.
> If there are (still) others on this list who feel the same way, can I
> request that it be discussed at the AGM?  I am not proposing a new
> independent group (I still want to be part of PLUG & this list) but rather a
> "working group" or sub committee of some sort.  We could find a suitable
> location in the Great Southern to meet up and perhaps even setup some kind
> of (video) link at the same time each month, so we can join in on PLUG
> meetings and perhaps even have some 'virtual' pizza together??  (I have no
> idea if PLUG has access to a suitable internet link at that end but I could
> certainly provide one from this end using Skype or similar, if required -
> I'm not saying it has to be here (Katanning).  Just offering it as an
> option).
> After all, if a bunch of Linux 'geeks' can't find a way to make this work,
> who can?
> Any other Great Southern 'PLUGGERS' feel the same way?
> Cheers,
> Peter
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I, too, find it hard to get up to Perth for the AGM and install fest/
talks.  If there was a way to get a video link or a working group down
this way it would be grand :)

On the other hand - I have to come up to Perth on the 16th March for
an appointment, is there any thing going on at that time?


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