[plug] What would encourage membership of PLUG?

Innis Cunningham innisc at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 18 10:08:41 WST 2010

Hi Tim
> My wife and I were talking about PLUG after our failed AGM last week. 
> She wanted to know what are the benefits of joining PLUG and why would 
> anyone bother? 
> What would you want PLUG to offer paid members, that would encourage 
> your membership?

Well Tim seeing you are asking here is my 2cents worth.

I have been a member for some years now and still I don't feel that I am part
of the club.The core of the people at meetings seem to be people who are working
in the computer industry and have known each other for some time.
The subject of most seminars  is, it seems to me, directed towards the leading
edge area of linux.There is very little if anything directed toward what the general
person would want for using linux.Programs like open office, gimp,blender ,gnome,
kde barely get a mention.
While it may be very interesting to some people how many virtual machines you can
stack onto one computer most people are only interested in getting one operating
system to work properly.

While there are people in the club who will help if asked it has been my experience 
that you feel like you are intruding and a bit stupid to be asking such simple questions.
That being said I have ask simple questions but got no answer because no one seemed to
I guess the fact that linux runs pretty good straight out of the box these days makes it hard
for clubs like plug.The days of the CLI I think are gone most of the programs these days
have a GUI to run them and if they don't they don't last long.

The question you ask has been asked several times over the years I have been a member.
The fact we are still  asking them I guess shows we have not been able to solve them.


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