[plug] Re: What would encourage membership of PLUG?

garry garbuck at westnet.com.au
Thu Feb 18 20:04:38 WST 2010

I used to really enjoy the hardware help nights at UWA, but the lugging 
of kit up those stairs had knobs on it.

Had a ball at the installfests, the camaraderie was excellent. Be good 
to have one where afterwards there was a LAN party playing a 3d 
shootemup. What better way to get young attendees enthused than to show 
them how to set up a local server on linux and the game/3d drivers on 
their computers? I think there is a real need to get the young thinking 
"cool" about Linux and what they can do with it.

PLUG is a good habit for me, I've made the 2.5hour drive a few times 
since I've been down south.
I enjoy the challenge (esp the last couple) of understanding what the 
hell the talk is about, let alone getting something from it. Nod sagely. 
If I'm spotted more regularly nodding sagely with a fixed grin then I'll 
have bought that new bike and am now getting out more. For the thrill of it.

Some low level (where low invokes comprehensibility, not assembly..) 
sessions involving stuff like setting up Folding At Home or seti at home 
using a graphics card to hurry things up..

I'm realistic, I can get a box doing the stuff I use.. I can do very 
simple BASH stuff, I'll get the gist of regex and perl one day. I don't 
know what a MTA does, I don't know how to get system mail to a user in 
my thunderbird inbox, and a mail server is dark magic best left to those 
who fear them less than me.

And for those of us closer to 50 than 20, more than a few hours notice 
for seminars would be appreciated! 8^)


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