[plug] Ubuntu desktop with Active Directory logins

Shanon Loughton autobot at iinet.net.au
Mon Jan 4 12:47:42 WST 2010

Hi ppl

This may have been asked before, but I want to config this single
Ubuntu desktop with the company AD logins. We use M$ Server 2008 SBS.

I got through most of this howto using Winbind:

but am stuck here:
sudo net -d 2 ads join -S servername -U <username>%<password>

"Failed to join domain: failed to connect to AD: Operations error"

The debug shows it cannot open connection to AD server.   Strangely, I
can ping servername which resolves to servername.companyname.local,
but I cannot do the reverse - I cant ping the FQDN
servername.companyname.local.  It simply times out.  How can I set
this up?  Both netbios and fqdn can be pinged on windows machines ok.


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