[plug] telstra and ubuntu 9.10

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Fri Jan 8 09:44:45 WST 2010

Hello Orm, and welcome to Linux.

Yep, Telstra is not very Linux friendly. I no longer mention Linux to 
them, as it immediately throws up a brick wall. They like to blame any 
issues you have on Linux.

Ok, to your issue:

I have never personally used one of those (hopefully someone on the list 
can help from experience)
Some additional information is required.

Do you actually make a connection?

Do this:

Unplug the device, and open a terminal window.

tail -f /var/log/dmesg

(what you are doing is monitoring the activity in the dmesg log file. 
This will show you how your system reacted to the device, when plugged in. )

Now plug in the device, and you will see new entries appearing in the 
log file. Grab those entries and post them back to the list.
To break and get back to the prompt, press ctrl+c

Also, whilst the device is plugged in, do:


This will list all your connected usb devices. 
Post the result to the list, as it will help to clearly identify the device.

You will see a device and vendor id in the list (looks like this: 
1d6b:0002). Identify your device in the list, and then check this page


and see if your device is listed. From this you can get an idea of how 
well it is supported.

Additionally, I would like to suggest you have a look a Linux Mint. 
This distrobution is based on Ubuntu, so you get all the ubuntu 
advantages, plus the fact that Linux Mint is easier to use, especially 
for first time Linux users.

The downloaded CD can work as a live-cd. This means you can give it a 
try (and test your modem with it) without having to install it first. 
Just pop in the cd, and boot from it. (it will be slower than running on 
a hard drive, so don't consider speed as a deciding factor to do an 
install. It will also successfully do a dual boot install, so you can 
keep ubuntu on your system as well, if you so prefer)

(I know this is subjective, but I have personally converted many XP 
users to linux, using Linux Mint. I have found this distro to be the 
easiest for people to cross-over with. Personally I use Ubuntu)


> my name is orm girvan, marine engineer, 67 (bit long in tooth for 
> learning new tricks but, trying). Complete novice on Linux. Watching 
> the list (plug, that is) for some time, convinced me to try ubuntu.
> Very impressed with ubuntu but, not with Telstra! I have a Globe 
> Trotter HSDPA modem interface and, am on the Telstra NextG broadband 
> plan.
> Telstra has no interest in Linux users I find, hence my appeal for 
> help from plug.
> There is no problem with transmit / receive when connecting here in 
> Esperance, using Windows XP so, why not same with ubuntu?
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