[plug] telstra and ubuntu 9.10

Michael Holland michael.holland at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 13:25:42 WST 2010

I've heard BigPond do things a little oddly, but orm is using Telstra.
Same nextG, but different APN,authentication, etc.
On Telstra 3G prepay I get:

   Primary DNS Server:
   Secondary DNS Server:

orm, you need to provide more info. Too vague so far. Which GT? What
problem? What tried?

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From: Jay Warwick <jayw at buzzynet.net>
Date: 2010/1/8
Subject: RE: [plug] telstra and ubuntu 9.10
To: plug at plug.org.au, lvs at dedmeet.com

I am a newbie to Linux but have recently setup a Ubuntu machine onto
the Telstra network.

Although configured to use DHCP, I could not get a connection until I
manually configured a Bigpond DNS server.  Using iinet DNS server did
not work and also did not appear to have DNS configured via DHCP from
the modem.  i.e. it appeared as though you must configure a Bigpond
DNS server - sorry don't have details on what the ip address was.

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