[plug] virtualization remote access

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Mon Jan 11 10:56:31 WST 2010


I run windows on my ubuntu machine inside sun virtualbox. (installed 
windows xp in it from scratch)
Works great, and when fullscreen, you'd not even know it was linux 
underneath. (this is on a quad core, with 16 gigs of memory)

Also, I'd suggest you try the windows applications you want to try 
inside linux, using wine. You'd be surprised on how many work like that.

Distro: I'd suggest (again) Linux Mint. I have converted my wife from XP 
to it in a matter of days, and she now prefers it (as well as many 
others, which includes my 50+ mother in law))
As for her windows games, we have found suitable Linux based replacements.
I don't think she will ever go back to windows. On her machine, no 
windows installed at all. She even now uses OpenOffice on her vista 
based work laptop, in preference to MS Office

You can have a look at distrowatch (www.distrowatch.com) and select a 
suitable distro.


WolfBite wrote:
> Hi,
> Please be gental as this stuff gives me a headache :)
> have a computer that I want to run linux AND windows(the win plays 
> some simple games and apps)
> want to be able to access BOTH linux & windows at same time.
> the machine running both linux & window has some grunt
> the laptop that wants to access them doesnt
> all on local lan
> needs to be responsive (you ppl with partners know what its like if 
> they have to wait :)
> Surgestions???
> distro not a problem (dabbled in all) but querying best (and easiest) 
> apps to set this up.
> Thanks
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