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One consideration is what do you want to run in Windows...

If it is 3D games that require Direct X 10 or more, or Dirext X 8 or
less, they won't run in a Windows Virtual machine, and even for Direct
X 9 the support in Virtualbox is considered experimental.

If you really wish to run those kinds of games in that machine, and
they do not work in Wine (which uses the same OpenGL to DirectX code
as Virtualbox) then is possible that they won't run in a Windows VM
and you will need to install Windows and then put Linux in a



2010/1/11 Ishwor Gurung <ishwor.gurung at gmail.com>:
> Hi WolfBite,
> 2010/1/11 WolfBite <wolfbite_aus at yahoo.com>
>> Hi,
>> Please be gental as this stuff gives me a headache :)
>> have a computer that I want to run linux AND windows(the win plays some simple games and apps)
> [...]
>> want to be able to access BOTH linux & windows at same time.
>> the machine running both linux & window has some grunt
>> the laptop that wants to access them doesnt
>> all on local lan
>> needs to be responsive (you ppl with partners know what its like if they have to wait :)
>> Surgestions???
>> distro not a problem (dabbled in all) but querying best (and easiest) apps to set this up.
> (I am not taking the LAN-bit into consideration as I don't understand
> what you mean)
> Easiest is VirtualBox-
> - Install VirtualBox
> - Install Windows guest (mount the windows disk, normall installation follow)
> - Setup networking on Windows guest as it suits you.
> Another option is Xen. Run Linux as dom0, have HVM to run Windows as
> domU. This option also allows you to run several distro instances
> which are switchable from within dom0.
> They are all discussed elsewhere and you can find detailed howto in
> howtoforge.com.
> --
> Regards
> Ishwor Gurung
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