[plug] virtualization remote access

WolfBite wolfbite_aus at yahoo.com
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Thanks for the response, but looks like I didnt explain myself correctly

I'm currently running the virtualbox binary with working usb no problems :)
deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian karmic non-free

I'll give a scenario
room a, running box a, running virtualbox linux& windows (this works successfully)
room b, wifes crappy laptop, want comp a to do all the work, comp b does display and input.
whats the easiest way so wife can use comp b, to access comp a virtual windows

not sure if I should be checking (or whats better)  thin client, nx, vnc, etc
and is FAST (using over local lan only)


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Please be gental as this stuff gives me a headache :)

have a computer that I want to run linux AND windows(the win plays some simple games and apps)

want to be able to access BOTH linux & windows at same time.
the machine running both linux & window has some grunt
the laptop that wants to access them doesnt
all on local lan 
needs to be responsive (you ppl with partners know what its like if they have to wait :)

distro not a problem (dabbled in all) but querying best (and easiest) apps to set this up.


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