[plug] Recycled machines

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Sun Jan 17 10:48:00 WST 2010

Hi guys and girls,

I just finished rebuilding two machines out of four machines, installed
Ubuntu 9.10 on them so the new user won't have to worry about licensing
or anything else. Gunna find someone local here who needs a computer,
but can't afford one...and give them a late Christmas prezzie.

Just wanna know if anyone has any suggestions of a Linux distro that
would be more suited to new users than Ubuntu? I mean Ubuntu's pretty
good but yeah, I'm open to ideas.

There's a guy in town who's son's mentally handicapped, does EdUbuntu or
KUbuntu have some more useful features for him to do some brain
exercises and that kinda stuff?


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