[plug] Help with grub please

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Tue Jan 19 00:07:09 WST 2010

Gavin Chester wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-01-18 at 15:27 +0800, Kev wrote:
>> G'day all,
>> I'm in urgent need of some help with grub 1.97 (Ubuntu Karmic Netbook
>> Remix).  I've just finished resizing my Remix partition using GParted
>> and the PartedMagic CD.  My only way in at the mo is using a separate
>> boot disk - in this case Super Grub Disk 2.
>> On a root console if I type grub I'm told that grub isn't installed.
>> So, as per the onscreen instruction I type apt-get install grub and it
>> does this without hesitation or error.  Still grub fails at boot time
>> with this error message
>>     GRUB loading.
>>     error: file not found
>>     grub rescue>_
> I haven't researched my answer, but hope to be more help than
> hindrance ;-)  
> Last time I had grub troubles was years ago, but recall the error you're
> seeing means that grub can't find the kernel at the location specified
> in the boot menu. That can be solved by finding where your kernel
> resides and then editing the menu.lst file of grub to reflect the true
> location. It may be that the name of the partition has changed by
> resizing, or some such. To find that out in your case will mean a rescue
> disc or some live distro to boot up and get to the troublesome
> partitions. You could rtfm the grub manual and learn how to use that
> "grub rescue" prompt, but I feel your pain at not wanting to go that
> path just yet ;-) HTH.
> Gavin
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Not want to discount your response but the 'new' grub2 (beta) included 
with ubuntu 9.10  (Mint 8 and others?) does not have a "menu.lst" file.  
The new version is (apparently) smarter than the old one and builds a 
dynamic menu based on the partitions it sees during setup.

In my (very limited) experience, reinstalling grub2 (as per my previous 
e-mail) and/or running "update-grub" usually fixes the problem, unless 
grub2 cannot see a partition (or it's contents) for some reason.

Again, not wanting to offend,...    but seeing as your "grub troubles 
was years ago", it may be time for an "apt-get update" or whatever your 
flavour is....  ;-)   Things are a changin' in the world of grub.


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