[plug] Wireless Broadband - USB Modem

Kevin Shackleton kevins at reachnet.com.au
Mon Jan 25 12:16:49 WST 2010

Leon, have you played with an external antenna at all?  The Huwei I
played with had a tiny connector and I couldn't find an adapter to SMA.

(our reception of Optus near Dandaragan is only just on the scale, so an
antenna is important.  All is due to change if the Feds pay Optus to run
a new fibre - they'll drop off radio masts along their own fibre).



On Mon, 2010-01-25 at 08:44 +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:

> Currently using a Huawei E620 with Virgin (real carrier
> Optus) for $34 per month, 5GB quota, 3G (equals NextG,
> CDMA).
> It works fine here in Albany, all of the way up the
> highway to Kojonup (ie Narrikup, Mt Barker, Tenterden,
> Cranbrook), reasonably well about 2/3 of the way to
> Williams (Beaufort), at Williams (seated in the Woolshed
> with one of their excellent coffees, for example) big gap
> from the grain depot north of town to the Yule Du
> Roadhouse (but same with 'phones).
> It works (just) in Tambellup, so I guess Katanning would
> be OK. Works in Cuthbert, Kalgan, Redmond, Chorkerup,
> Bakers Junction.

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