[plug] Wireless Broadband - USB Modem

Leon Brooks leon-plug at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Jan 25 21:44:07 WST 2010

On Mon, 25 Jan 2010 12:16:49 pm Kevin Shackleton wrote:
> Leon, have you played with an external antenna at all?

Sorry, no.

> The Huwei I played with had a tiny connector and I
> couldn't find an adapter to SMA.

No connector on this one at all, else I'm sure I'd have
"had to" play with one. (-:

> (our reception of Optus near Dandaragan is only just
> on the scale, so an antenna is important.  All is due
> to change if the Feds pay Optus to run a new fibre -
> they'll drop off radio masts along their own fibre).

Yah. The 3G-ness helps a fair bit in the dodgy regions,
currently the LED is steady dark-blue which says WCDMA
(3G) even in the middle of Albany (about 2 blocks from
the tower).

Pity I won't be in the region anytime soon else I could
try mine & see what happens. In Tambellup, I needed to
be outside the front of the house, still got a dodgy
link, no Optus tower in town so guessing it was using

Cheers; Leon

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