[plug] Help needed ...

David Dartnall darts at dialix.com.au
Thu Jul 15 21:15:12 WST 2010

Now that the plug server's up again, below is the third of three emails
which didn't get through. Perhaps someone could advise/help.

Hi all,

I need a linux/hardware guru. My system suddenly refused to boot, and I
took it to the Windows bloke who sold it to me and who has been keeping
it going over a number of years, and he got Windows running.

It has XP as well as Lucid on it, and the Windows drive now boots into 
Windows, (very slow if the Lucid disk is connected) but Windows systems 
can't see Linux disks, so I tried a Jaunty CD disk that I had but it 
would only fully boot into a live session if the drive holding the Lucid 
system is disconnected.

With it connected, (it's a relatively new WD 500 gig drive), the Jaunty 
live session boot stops after selection of the language 'English' and 
drops into a initramfs root prompt.

Running the live session with WD 500 unplugged, gparted found the 
Windows disk and also my third disk which was formatted ext3 but without 
any OS on it.

I installed Jaunty on this and plugged the 500GB Lucid disk in and 
rebooted. After a _very long_ boot time, the Jaunty system comes up but 
all it can see is the Windows disk... Jaunty boots quickly with the 
500Gb disk disconnected.

It's obviously going to cost money but I need to get the Lucid system 
going - I'll take the box anywhere Perth Metro area...

Regards and advice please.
I am unable to access the WD 500GB Lucid disk - can not see it.
No I have not backed up - I'll never learn!  I sure will now tho'.

Dave Dartnall

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