[plug] Webmail

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Tue Jul 20 18:57:50 WST 2010

On Tue, 2010-07-20 at 18:39 +0800, Brad Campbell wrote:
> G'day all.
> I don't want to start a religious war here, but I'd like some advice.
> I've never set up or run a webmail system before, but I kinda need to now.
> I have a co-located server. It runs Debian stable. It runs mail for about 6 domains and it really 
> only serves about 4 users. (Exim4 virtual hosting). I run qpopper for pop3 access, and all clients 
> access the mail over an openvpn tunnel. The only ports open to the world are 22, 53 & 80. It's 
> firewalled very tightly.
> I've had some issues of late that have made me wish I had the ability to access the mail using a web 
> client. I guess I have to transition to imap to make this work, and I'm not adverse to doing that.
> I don't want standard web access, it must be https only.
> SquirrelMail is the first one that comes to mind, but I really have _no_ idea. I'm open to any 
> suggestions.
> All suggestions will be thoroughly beaten in a VM prior to a decision being made.
> I thought about just having the mail server copy all E-mails to a GMail account, but there are 
> privacy issues associated with that I can't compromise.
> Ta :)
> Brad

War it is!

I have squirrelmail setup (gentoo/apache) for just this purpose - used
to work fine until firefox started checking the SSL certs more closely -
I have set them up wrong (self signed, but didnt enter the domain
correctly - I think) - not squirrelmails fault :(

Some simpler browsers still work though.

Downside with squirrelmail is that on a poor link (i.e., overseas from
Thailand where I think the link to Australia is a 9.6kbit modem :), its
very slooooowwwww.  Its security history has also been spotty over the

I like the interface better than most other webmail clients Ive seen.


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