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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Jul 21 09:14:50 WST 2010

Evert van Dijk <evert at silver-sword.com> writes:

> I currently use google apps for some domains (standard ed) and Zimbra
> (community ed) for others. I like both for different reasons.  It looks like
> Zimbra might have some your requirements (nice web interface, multiple
> domains).  I run mine on CentOS and installed the RHE edition of Zimbra.

I use the Zimbra OSS version, also, and almost recommended it.  You can't just
use the "WebMail" part of it though: you have to pick up the entire MTA/MUA
stack for it to work.  Not that it won't replace the existing system, but

> The only real drawback is that I have not yet figured out how to restore
> individual emails or mail boxes from backup, this is offered by the paid
> versions though.

The individual message blobs are just an email file on disk, so you can
generally just feed 'em back in however you want to reinject an email and all.

However, take a look at the notes on server-to-server migration that they have
in their system, and the tar format exporter, which allows much finer grained
access to the system.


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