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Evert van Dijk evert at silver-sword.com
Wed Jul 21 08:52:30 WST 2010

I currently use google apps for some domains (standard ed) and Zimbra
(community ed) for others. I like both for different reasons.
It looks like Zimbra might have some your requirements (nice web interface,
multiple domains).
I run mine on CentOS and installed the RHE edition of Zimbra.

The only real drawback is that I have not yet figured out how to restore
individual emails or mail boxes from backup, this is offered by the paid
versions though.

Good luck

On 21/07/2010 8:35 AM, "Scott Middleton" <scott at assuretek.com.au> wrote:

On 21 July 2010 08:23, Michael Holland <michael.holland at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 20 July 2010 18...
I run solely on Google Apps Premium for AssureTek and Google Apps standard
for my middleton.id.au. I love it. I didn't mention it because I get sick of
the inevitable question about security.

The premium edition offers very cool syncing (mail, calendar  and contacts)
options for outlook, iThingies, and most smart phones. All over SSL and TLS.
I'm even starting to use Docs a little bit. I use a push email with its
built in scheduler. The percentage of emails I reply to via phone is

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