[plug] Physical to digital mail scanning service?

Jason Nicholls jason at mindsocket.com.au
Wed Jul 21 11:09:30 WST 2010

> Sorry - typo could make things confusing
> >> I'm trying to find an Australian service that I can redirect my _snail
> >> mail_ to be scanned and forward to me as email.
> >>
> >> Does anyone know of such a service?
> ie. A service that opens my physical mail, scans it and forwards it on
> to a nominated email account.

Real pieces of paper in envelopes people!

This would be a cool service but I think that the labour (opening,
unfolding, un-stapling or un-paper-clipping, placing in scanner,
potentially flipping for 2-sided documents, etc...) means it wouldn't be
as cheap as you'd like if such a service exists. I'm keen to know if
something does though!


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