[plug] Physical to digital mail scanning service?

Marcos Raúl Carot Collins marcos.carot at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 11:18:59 WST 2010

The argentinean post does something similar.

If you go to the post office in Argentina you can opt for a "fast" service
where they scan your mail, send it by email to the nearest post office to
the receptor, print it there and send as normal mail again. To just send by
email to the recipient should be easy enought to implement I guess.

I hav eno idea if Australia post does offer this, but if they do, I think
they would be able to provide just to email...?



2010/7/21 Jason Nicholls <jason at mindsocket.com.au>

> > Sorry - typo could make things confusing
> >
> > >> I'm trying to find an Australian service that I can redirect my _snail
> > >> mail_ to be scanned and forward to me as email.
> > >>
> > >> Does anyone know of such a service?
> >
> > ie. A service that opens my physical mail, scans it and forwards it on
> > to a nominated email account.
> Real pieces of paper in envelopes people!
> This would be a cool service but I think that the labour (opening,
> unfolding, un-stapling or un-paper-clipping, placing in scanner,
> potentially flipping for 2-sided documents, etc...) means it wouldn't be
> as cheap as you'd like if such a service exists. I'm keen to know if
> something does though!
> Jason
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