[plug] DNS Backup NS's

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 21:13:09 WST 2010


Not sure how that works with authentication. I'm on my phone atm. I can make
the page visible without logging in if needed.

> On 28/07/10 18:08, Tim White wrote:
>> As I suggested, I've setup a secure wiki at
>> http://dns.hosting.purewhite.id.au/dokuwiki/start
>> Jump on over there and have a look. Add in your details and subscribe to
>> the page to be updated when others add their details.
> Is there an easy link you can generate that would allow a simple wget to
retrieve the updated config
> file?
>> My understanding is that you also need to add name servers at your
>> registrar side of things, so if that part is wrong, let me know.
> No, you are correct. You need to add the secondaries that are supporting
you in your upstream config.
> Brad
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