[plug] Challenger TAFE Databases Course

Daniel Harmsworth atrophy at caffeinator.net
Fri Jul 30 09:34:47 WST 2010

Greetings PLUG people,

I work for Challenger TAFE (well, technically its called the 'Challenger
Institute of Technology' now *sigh*) and there are a group of us looking to
develop a new course in database support and management which has sadly been
a rather gaping hole in our training catalogue for a while now. In aid of
this i would hope to solicit any PLUG members with experience in the field
of database development and / or administration to complete a short survey
to help us develop the most relevant and useful course we can to hopefully
provide you with some skilled minions in the future.

The survey is hosted on Google Docs and can be completed at

I thank you all in advance for your help and look forward to your responses!

Daniel Harmsworth
Lecturer, Information Technology
Challenger TAFE eTech Centre
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