[plug] Facebook

Scott Middleton scott at assuretek.com.au
Fri Jul 30 19:14:37 WST 2010

Hi Guys

*Dons Flame proof suit*

Recently I decided to try and create some facebook namespaces to
promote my business(es)

Apparently I need 25 "likes" to be offered the name space so any help
would be appreciated. Apparently my FB friends use me to measure their
E-penis and are not helping me. :( Except for Chris and Leon so far.

Any way I was thinking with 500 million users maybe we should think
about expanding PLUG to FB. I know that I do not have any official
role with PLUG but I am willing to take on a role if people want or
need. I will be around this industry for many years to come and would
provide some non-hobbyist stability.

Lets move out of the nineties and embrace some new tech and I volunteer to help!

Let me know what you think and please be gentle :)

My personal FB page is http://www.facebook.com/scottmiddleton.au

Kind Regards

Scott Middleton
Managing Director
Linux Consultants Pty Ltd t/as AssureTek
Email - Scott at assuretek.com.au
Phone - 1300 551 696
Mobile - 0400 212 724

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