[plug] AGM Reminder

Jacqueline McNally j-conversations at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Tue Mar 9 08:46:01 WST 2010


Has the venue been confirmed Tim? Also, it may be a good idea to repost 
a message that has all the details in one place.

Sometimes 'AGM' scares people away as they can be long, stuffy, and 
boring [1]. If you were to communicate the agenda/proceedings and approx 
how long you expect the meeting to last, you may get more takers.

All the best

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[1] Not that I can remember a PLUG AGM as long, stuffy, and boring :)

Tim wrote:
> Again. Reminder that the AGM will be in a few days, on Tuesday the 9th
> of March!!
> Can Patrick or someone else verify that we'll be able to meet at the
> Futuresphere as per normal.
> Thanks
> Tim
> p.s. Why is the list so quite?

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