[plug] Renaming the primary user account

Kev kdownes at oceanbroadband.net
Sat Mar 6 15:28:55 WST 2010

Hello PLUGgers,

I have a netbook in which I wish to change the name of the primary (the 
only) account.  There is only 1 user acct. and I would like to change 
the the name of the acct., the name of that acct. user and the password 
for that acct.  I've sold the machine and the new owner wants to leave 
the setup exactly as it is (minus personal files) but would like to have 
a personal login and acct. name.  I don't really want to spend the time 
setting up a new acct. for her if I can just change the name of the 
existing acct.

I'm sure it's simple, but I'm obviously more-so.


Kev Downes
The Other Other Operation
kdownes at oceanbroadband.net  ph 0404 7 0808 2
We currently use Xandros 4.1
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