[plug] Lucid LTS problems

Jason Posavec jasonposavec at iinet.net.au
Fri May 14 10:34:41 WST 2010

A few days ago I made the mistake of upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and 
subsequently had nothing but trouble. My volume icon disappeared and for 
the life of me I couldn't find it or reinstall it. An eerily 
Windows-like chat icon has appeared next to my login name that I didn't 
ask for, and more importantly my handbrake program (Matroska encoder) 
completely stopped working.

Has anybody else had problems with the new Lucid upgrade, or am I 
particularly noticing it because handbrake is a specialised program and 
I use it so much?

I've since done a fresh install of Karmic, and will continue using 
Karmic until handbrake can work on Lucid.

Jason Posavec

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