[plug] Error in Time() command

Jim Householder nofixed at westnet.com.au
Mon May 24 11:17:43 WST 2010

On 23/05/10 16:12, tenzero at iinet.net.au wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm seeking a preferably citeable reference to the amount of error in the returned result from a Time() command. I want to be 
> able to quote the level of error in timing the execution speed of my project.
> While I have been using this command partly on Ubuntu for my project, I would particularly like to find out the level of this error 
> on Mac OS X. Google and Google scholar have been disapointing.
> I concede that this is a little off topic and will move it OT if people are unhappy.
> Cheers.
> D. 
If you can use ntp, /etc/adjtime may be of use.  I think it contains a
correction factor, but I don't know the details.

If you are concerned with the delay between requesting the time and
actually getting it, that would be system and load dependent and you
would have to try for a good average under know conditions...


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