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Kevin Shackleton kevins at reachnet.com.au
Wed Nov 10 18:40:36 WST 2010

I installed a doorstrike on the sliding door of my office.  It takes
about 250 mA to keep the slug engaged to lock the door - fail-safe (if
open is safe).  Swing doors use a mechanism in the doorway that has a
tumbler with a notch that takes the door bolt.  A short pulse of current
unlocks the tumbler, which remains unlocked until the door is opened and
closed again - a possible avenue for exploitation: need an alarm if the
lock is actuated but the door does not open very soon after.  Other
sorts are available but these are the most common sort.  Altronics have

Zillions of ways to actuate these locks.  I find the keypad
satisfactory.  I change the combination regularly (but not often!) and I
can remotely open the door by telling someone the keycode over the phone
or 2-way.  Low cool-ness index, I know.  Would be nice to be able to log
who is in the office for how long, but maybe motion-detection video
would sort that issue better.



On Tue, 2010-11-09 at 16:07 +0800, James Bromberger wrote:
> On 09/11/2010 15:44, Michael Holland wrote:
> > The ones that work with a standard lock in the door itself, and
> > release momentarily by solenoid?
> > Where do you get those? Googling, all I saw was electronic locks
> > operated by keypad or fingerprint.
> Search for "electric door strike". Just supply voltage. Up to you to put that into a system. :)
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