[plug] Identd server that "hides" the user

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 10:12:57 WST 2010

I'm searching for an identd server that hides the true identity of the
user (so it's not giving out login names).
Basically it needs to return a string that can be reversed on the
server. pidentd was supposed to do this (with DES) encryption but the
string is too long and gets truncated (by the clients requesting the
ident) and the idecrypt application totally failed to work.
I was playing with oidentd but could never actually get it to work for
me. I got it returning the root user as UNKNOWN, but couldn't get it
to return ether random, random_numeric, or numeric (uid) for my users.
It always returned the users login name.
I'm about to give ident2 a try, hopefully it's random replies will
work, AND it'll log them so I can look back through logs to work out
who was who. Ideally though, I want it to return the SAME random reply
for each user. So essentially a mapping.
user -> reply
bob -> bravo457
carol -> frizby334
etc etc

Anyone attempted this before and can point me in the right direction?
It seems that identd documentation is sparse for the different daemons
people have written, and while they sound like they do what I want,
I've not been able to get them to do what I want!



Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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