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Tue Oct 19 22:38:45 WST 2010

On 18 October 2010 21:53, Steve Boak <sboak at westnet.com.au> wrote:
> Unfortunately we have a serious wildfire fire situation down here in Nannup,
> one of DEC's burns got away and was getting way to close to residential areas
> in Jalbarragup where I live. My house is less than five km from the fire, with
> others only about two kms from danger. I spent all afternoon on fire brigade
> duty today, and back on tomorrow morning for goodness knows how long, so it's
> extremely unlikely I will be able to make it to the talk.
> Damn bad timing...

Hi Steve, Sorry to hear the fires are causing you grief. I trust
they're under control now? Richard made a fascinating presentation,
both his topic and his delivery. He's obviously fairly extreme and
firm on what he believes, but I'm not sure I disagree with him tooo
heavily (:

Gregory Orange

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