[plug] mythtv capture card recommendation

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Fri Sep 3 10:36:08 WST 2010

Hi Greg,

> Thanks Jeremy; yourself and a brief mention from a friend have given
> me something to start with. If you're willing, would mind giving an
> opinion on these options?
> Leadtek DTV1000S (alt: http://ple.com.au/?p=snapshot&inventory_id=1312)
> Leadtek DTV2000DS (alt: http://ple.com.au/?p=snapshot&inventory_id=1313)
> Leadtek DTV2000H+
> Dvico Fusion DVB-T Dual 4 (your recommendation)
> Plus the Compro range from PLE, but I'm less concerned with those
> since I've had no recommendations.

I have two of the Leadtek DTV1000T in a backend, and they're working
great. However, it looks like they 1000S has a different chipset, so
that probably doesn't help.

It appears that the only winfast cards in the stock Lucid kernel are the
cx88 based ones, but the DTV1000S, DTV2000DS and DTV2000H+ all have
other chipsets. If you can find a DTV2000H or DTV2000H rev J, they
should work.

However, I've only had a brief browse through the kernel, I may be wrong
about the non-working ones. This may also help:


Not sure about the Compro ones, can you find any of these:? 

   "Compro VideoMate TV",
   "Compro VideoMate TV Gold+",
   "Compro VideoMate TV PVR/FM",
   "Compro VideoMate Gold+ Pal",
   "Compro VideoMate TV Gold+II",
   "Compro Videomate DVB-T300",
   "Compro Videomate DVB-T200",
   "Compro Videomate DVB-T200A",
   "Compro VideoMate T750",
   "Compro VideoMate S350/S300",



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