[plug] Intro and training/contractor questions for Linux Embedded Deve

damien at bigaxesolutions.com damien at bigaxesolutions.com
Tue Apr 12 10:45:25 WST 2011

Hi Plug,

my names Damien, I work for these guys as a Hardware Engineer :  

We have recently started looking at our next gen of hardware and are  
looking at setting up a Embedded Linux system, amongst other things.

We have ordered a few dev kits, with some Embed Linux functionality  
and gone through and learnt some basic stuff such as:
- Compiling/cross compiling the kernel
- Updating the kernel
- Uboot compiling and updating
- Basic cross compiled apps "hello world" etc.

The learning curve is pretty serious and we are starting to bog down  
learning things such as
- direct/driver I/O Interfacing
- Graphic/touch screen usage (trying to use DirectFB at this point)

We would like to put the feelers out for any training (or any  
experienced embed Linux users who would consult) to work with us.

Also if anyone has any recommendation for other places to look, please  
let me know!


Damien Wieman

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