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Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Tue Aug 30 08:05:18 WST 2011

Hi all,

I would be interested in helping out. How much time would be required ? What tasks will need to be performed ?

Due to my work commitments I am not able to attend evening meeting but I am interested in taking an active role in Plug.


On 29/08/2011, at 21:04 , James Bromberger wrote:

> Dear all,
> For quite some time, PLUG's user shell server, Shameless, has been not working for user access.
> While committee has been trying to get enough admin time together to get this up and running, we've also wanted to ensure that we had enough volunteer time to ensure that this would be adequately maintained. 
> Offering shell services used to be a popular request many years ago for people to "try out" Linux, or to get their email somewhere, however these days with Live CDs of Linux (and better bandwidth), very cheap (and some free) virtual instances available online, and a slew of online email services (GMail, Hotmail, etc) there's little point in PLUG trying to do this as well. The exposure to PLUG continuing to run an open shell sever may be low, but without a commitment to maintain this, there is a chance that an account could be compromised, and all kinds of trouble.
> Committee has tried for the last 6 months to get enough volunteer time to undertake. however this has now lapsed. We are interested if there is anyone on the PLUG list would like to maintain the User Shell Server; please email the committee (or me). If you feel passionately about this, please speak up!
> Thanks
>   James
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