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Tue Jan 4 17:05:33 WST 2011

On 4 January 2011 16:46, James Bromberger <james at rcpt.to> wrote:
> I have Thunderbird, with the Lightning Plugin, and the Google Celendar
> provider. Hence my calendar is actually a Google calendar, which there
> by works with my Thunderbird, and natively with my Android phone. I read
> my mail via IMAP from my server using Thunderbird on the desktop, and
> the native IMAP client in the Android. The contacts list in the phone is
> synchronised to my (not very used) GMail account.
> Android is very much a "cloud phone"; most/all services work neatly with
> online sync, not so much with personal workstation sync - through I've
> not tried.

I hang my head in shame to have not even thought of the cloud. Oh how
old and local machine oriented I have become. I even attended the
Cloud Unconference a few weeks ago in the CBD, but clearly nothing
sank in (:

Okay, deep breath, nagging Google's-got-my-information fears blithely
brushed aside, that sounds like a pretty interesting option...
especially because it's based on Android (probably the highest scoring
combination of Free and functional?), and conceptually simple enough
that I can already imagine it working.

Talk to me about this Android phone. Do I need to use direct web
access to synchronise it? Or can I just WiFi at home and use it merely
as a phone elsewhere?

Tell me more about Android phones... how many are there, what do they
cost etc? Any chance of NextG?

> I think turning the question around is perhaps easier - can you get
> Thunderbird to sync from the same cloud data providers that Android
> would support? With calendaring (Lightning), the answer is pretty much
> "yes". YMMV. Happy to discuss/show on Tuesday (next week) at the AGM.

I wish. Tuesday nights are SAGE-AU and PLUG meeting absences for me
due to other commitments.

Gregory Orange

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