[plug] APC UPS part(s)?

Ari sothisistheinternet at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 20:56:44 WST 2011

Hey all,

BatteryWorld replaced the batter in my APC BackUps Pro650 that's 
protecting my Fedora samba server, but when I went to put the power 
cords back in the back I discovered that there was only a thin lip of 
plastic that held the outlets in place - with no backing behind it for 
support! As such, after many years it appears to have become brittle and 
that little rim of plastic broke into a half dozen little rim shaped 

Does anyone have an dead old APC UPS waiting for e-cycling that I might 
scavenge for this part?

I've been able to get the cords plugged in, and there're no large gaps 
for things to get into the UPS and cause issues, but I'd feel better not 
having to push in against the UPS innards when pushing in a power cord 
:( I am also hoping there's no soldering involved in swapping out the 
plastic sockets, just screws holding the wires to the sockets on the 
inside. Any advice is appreciated, as the unit is working fine and I 
don't have the cash to replace it right now :(



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