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Scott Middleton scott at assuretek.com.au
Fri Jan 14 21:26:20 WST 2011


I'm going to the gold coast during that time but I wont be attending the
conference. Just a Holiday. I was planning on going but I decided to take my
wife and make it a holiday instead.

If you or anyone else wants to catch up for a few drinks give me a yell on
my mobile below.

I will be staying at the WaterMark hotel on the gold coast. I have a hire
car so if anyone wants a lift (providing wife agrees, she will be doing some
wife stuff eg pedicures) I can drive people around a little bit, preferably
in the gold coast. I bought a couple of VIP passes to the parks so I may be
there a lot :)

I am also going to Darwin in the next few weeks to do some Linux stuff so if
anyone want the excuse to tax deduct a trip give me a yell.

Kind Regards

Scott Middleton
Managing Director
Linux Consultants Pty Ltd t/as AssureTek
Email - Scott at assuretek.com.au
Phone - 1300 551 696
Mobile - 0400 212 724

On 14 January 2011 18:13, Nick Bannon <nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au> wrote:

> Plans for http://linux.conf.au/ / http://lca2011.linux.org.au/ ,
> looking good, our best wishes to all affected by the floods in Brisbane
> and elsewhere, including Carnarvon.
> I shall be heading off soon, with a detour via South Australia - who
> else is coming along? You can use your conference login to edit the wiki
> pages, I've added one for us to find each other, here:
> http://conf.linux.org.au/wiki/Perth
> When we get back, we shall update you all on the proceedings at February's
> PLUG meeting. Take note of what you found interesting or what cross-LUG
> pollination we can join in with!
> I shall be checking the website and:
>        http://identi.ca/linuxconfau
> for updates.
> See you all soon!
> Nick.
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