[plug] Excellent Linux driver for cheap Logitech USB VOIP Speakerphone

Stuart Edgar stuart at male-edgar.org
Tue Jul 12 12:57:47 WST 2011

Bret, The unit in concept is like those polycom ones many of us use at work
for teleconferences, so it allows a number of people to speak/listen on a
call. I have used it successfully to do a group to group skype call as the
mike is good enough to pick up voices from 2m away or so, and the speakers
have the volume to fill a medium sized room.
I have found the integrated webcam's microphones I have used to be pretty
poor, as are laptop integrated microphones.
Another reason to buy - it is a gadget that is fun to play with and to get a
linux driver working for. :-)

On 12 July 2011 11:52, Bret Busby <bret.busby at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/07/2011, Stuart Edgar <stuart at male-edgar.org> wrote:
> > I recently bought one of
> > these<
> http://www.shoppingsquare.com.au/p_14665_Logitech_QuickCall_USB_Speakerphone_
> >speaker
> > phones to use for SIP/Skype calls. They are on runout so very cheap
> > ($30 + postage)
> >
> > The hardware is pretty solid with an excellent microphone.
> >
> > The linux driver <http://ozlabs.org/%7Edgibson/quickcall.html> needs to
> be
> > compiled but works well with Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04. It was done by David
> > Gibson http://ozlabs.org/~dgibson/quickcall.html - kudos to him
> >
> With the technology that is available, I had expected that people
> would be using webcams, in making videocalls, using Skype, and I
> understand that a webcam with a microphone can also be used in making
> voice calls, so, why would a person need a separate voice phone thing,
> for use with calls across the Internet, when calls across the Internet
> can be done (from my understanding), using webcams and (if the webcams
> do not have them, or compatibility with webcam microphones arise),
> microphones?
> I am not denigrating your information; I just do not understand why a
> person would need the extra device, when I believe that existing
> devices would already do what it can do (or, so I believe).
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