[plug] Ubuntu Unity

Jason Nicholls jason at mindsocket.com.au
Wed Jul 13 16:50:47 WST 2011

> > x) Clicking an application in the left bar doesn't launch the
> > application again (ie. multiple terminals) - Solved - middle mouse
> > button behaves as i want
> Ah, thank you. I've been using a slower more painful method of
> left-click, choose an existing window, then use the given app's 'new
> window' process (ctrl-shift-n in gterm, ctrl-n in firefox etc)

Heh well done, that was really really annoying me, so much so I just created
an icon on the desktop instead.

The good bit was that I also worked out you can add custom menu items when
right-clicking objects on the desktop. So now I also have a right-click
terminal here" option which is awesome for folders on the desktop. (BTW this
isn't new to nautilus, just me)

Jason Nicholls
jason at mindsocket.com.au
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