[plug] Dual monitors on Linux Mint 10 LXDE (Nvidia)

Binary Me binary at 010101.com.au
Tue Jun 7 12:29:41 WST 2011

On 06/07/2011 11:07 AM, Lee Jamieson wrote:
> I'm trying to set up dual monitors on my laptop, running Linux Mint 10
> LXDE. The laptop's resolution is 1440x900 and the secondary monitor's
> resolution is 1280x1024.
> Is there any way to make them work so that I can see both screens in
> their native resolutions?
> The lappy is a Emachines G420, with a Nvidia geforce 9100mG gpu.
> I'm using the Nvidia X server settings screen, but I'm not sure how to
> set it up.

Hi Lee,

It should be relatively straight forward.  You need to select and enable 
the second screen on the X Server Display Configuration tab.  Select the 
appropriate resolution and then 'Save to X Configuration File'.

The trick (from my experience) is that you will probably need to change 
the ownership of the X config file (/etc/X11/xorg.conf) first, otherwise 
the changes applied above will likely fail to take effect.

Then restart X (or reboot) and you should be good to go.


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