[plug] IPv6 In Australia!

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 11:15:47 WST 2011

> > It's a different way of thinking with every desktop machine having a fully
> > internet routable address... with the appropriate firewalls on the router, of
> > course. And also getting used the fact that you allocate an entire /64 for a
> > network segment... blows the mind a bit!
> And every new printer, NAS, and (suitably new) mobile device is just as accessible.

On the point of mobile devices - the Android (2.2/2.3/3.0/3.1) devices
and iPhones (4 only) that we tested on our work wireless picked up and
started using an IPv6 address automatically as well. So pretty much
the only thing holding IPv6 back at the moment is the ISPs and the
cheap ADSL modems we all use.

Also, I'd certainly pay extra for an IPv6 connection via my home ADSL!
At the moment I'm using some black magic OpenVPN tunneling to get a
routed /64 from work's internet which I've shared to my local network
via my home fileserver (setup based on
https://www.zagbot.com/openvpn_ipv6_tunnel.html). This is all with the
permission of the sysadmin at work (which is actually me) and the
tunnel is firewalled off from the rest of the networks at work.

The AARNet setup sounds pretty straight forward though (including the
auto-generated radvd.conf!).

Daniel Foote.

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