[plug] Bioinformatics and Backyard Bio-Hacking Workshop

Ari sothisistheinternet at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 14:21:52 WST 2011

This sounds great, right up my alley - I'll make every effort to be 
there :) About how long does it run for?



On 13/06/2011 12:49 PM, Daniel Harmsworth wrote:
> Greets all,
> Taking off my PLUG OCM hat and putting on my Artifactory Chairman hat
> for a moment, I would like to invite any interested PLUG members to
> the Artifactory this Saturday (18th June) from 10am for a workshop on
> Bioinformatics and backyard bio-hacking presented by visiting hacker
> Hugo Herter from Hackerspace Brussels.
> You will need to bring a laptop as there will be practical components
> working on the beginning stages of designing your own custom bacteria.
> We can only guarantee that the software will work under GNU/Linux or
> Mac OSX, it has not been tested under Winwoes.
> The event is free to attend however your patronage at the drinks
> fridge is much appreciated by the Artifactory Treasury!
> Further details are available on the Artifactory Wiki at
> http://wiki.artifactory.org.au/doku.php?id=genome_hacking_workshop

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