[plug] Some information on the Nokia N950 (For anyone still excited about MeeGo)

Z. Cliffe Schreuders c.schreuders at murdoch.edu.au
Thu Jun 23 18:30:46 WST 2011

The N9 has been announced:

But unfortunately it is my understanding that the N950 (N9 with
keyboard) is not going to be released to the public, only given to
selected developers.

I like having the physical keyboard on the N900, and although the convex
screen of the N9 looks cool it may make screen protectors impractical.
Having said that, if my options for upgrade are N9 or android I will be
getting an N9! Love the GNU/Linux stack, as opposed to Java/Linux.

I am a big fan of (the idea of) MeeGo, and I hope this device will be
successful enough to encourage other manufacturers to release more MeeGo


On 23/06/11 16:14, Michael Van Delft wrote:
> When Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft I was
> devastated. I feel the Nokia N900 is the best mobile device I’ve ever
> owned and far ahead of its time.
> Nokia did promise that they would still release at least one MeeGo
> phone. Real details have been very hard to find mostly Photoshop-ed
> images from rumor-news websites. But recently (A couple of days ago I
> think) there has been some real information about the Nokia N950 which
> actually looks like a good phone.
> http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/MeeGo/
> On the Right about half way down it has ‘Nokia N950 release notes’
> just a text file but it confirms it will have a full QWERTY keyboard.
> "Nokia N950 phone uses same hardware components as the Nokia N9 phone
> with the following exceptions..." "N950 has a physical slide-out
> QWERTY keyboard. The N9 is a touchscreen"
> You can get the full specs for the N9 here
> http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/N9/
> Disclaimer: Apologies if that reads like an ad, I have no connection
> with Nokia at all exept that I am an (ex)fan.
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