[plug] cannot receive email from imap server

Jon Miller jonl711 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 23 16:53:35 WST 2011

Server is SLESv10 running postfix and imapdClient is OL2003
problem:Cannot receive email from imap server.
On the mail server on certain emails I get the following message:
status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: unknown mail transport error)
also in /var/log messages
Jun 23 12:39:16 mmtlnx imap[6508]: login: [] jlmiller plaintext User logged inJun 23 12:39:36 mmtlnx imap[6508]: seen_db: user jlmiller opened /var/lib/imap/user/j/jlmiller.seenJun 23 12:39:36 mmtlnx imap[6508]: open: user jlmiller opened INBOXJun 23 12:40:51 mmtlnx master[893]: process 6507 exited, status 0Jun 23 12:42:48 mmtlnx master[893]: process 6508 exited, status 0
I need serious help here.
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