[plug] [PLUG] Quick, and (hopefully) simple question.

Lee Jamieson leejam at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 15:05:54 WST 2011

There's a few things I'm finding annoying.  They are mostly gui
related because sleep is at a premium at the moment :)

This is Linux Mint 10 LXDE by the way.

I can't work out how to auto logon.  I'm generally the only one using
my lappy, and more often than not I have a 6 month old baby on my lap
first thing in the morning when I turn it on.  I've googled and looked
in the linux mint forums but couldn't see anything obvious.

Startup programs.  There isn't an obvious way to make something like
gkrellm run on login and stay where I put it.

Numlock...  I've checked in the keyboard settings dialogue and there's
not an option to leave it on ( this one really bugs me :) )

There are a couple of other niggles which I can't specify, it's more
look and feel than anything :)

I like Ubuntu and I'm *relatively* familiar with it's idiot-syncronicitys.

On 26 June 2011 13:17, wolfbite <wolfbite.aus at gmail.com> wrote:
> Out of curiosity, what's making you go back to Ubuntu?
> I'm having a Love/Hate with Ubuntu, trying the latest mint on a little
> tablet/touch :)
> Main desktop running Ubuntu 11.04 (in classic mode)


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