[plug] [PLUG] Quick, and (hopefully) simple question.

wolfbite wolfbite.aus at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 16:10:33 WST 2011

well mint is basiclly ubuntu with bits missing (usually media stuff) and 
stuff fixed

I usually setup autologin when I install, but you can fix by login menu 
(usually under system/administration/login menu), lets you set autologin
startup stuff is set by preferences/startup applications (i'm running 
conky scripts via that, and also disable stuff, like blue tooth and 
remote access)

Also I dont like the fancy menu in mint and change it back to the simple 
menu via panel add application

setting this touch pad/note (never sure what to call it) as a 
reader/clock/alarm and anything else I want beside the bed :)

Have to admit I keep tossing between ubuntu and mint

one thing you MUST add is UBUNTU TWEAK
for ubuntu http://ubuntu-tweak.com/
for mint 
(the mint version is a fixed version to reconise mint properly and to 
add the extra ppa's)

Hope that helps ya with BOTH ubuntu & mint :)


On 26/06/11 15:05, Lee Jamieson wrote:
> There's a few things I'm finding annoying.  They are mostly gui
> related because sleep is at a premium at the moment :)
> This is Linux Mint 10 LXDE by the way.
> I can't work out how to auto logon.  I'm generally the only one using
> my lappy, and more often than not I have a 6 month old baby on my lap
> first thing in the morning when I turn it on.  I've googled and looked
> in the linux mint forums but couldn't see anything obvious.
> Startup programs.  There isn't an obvious way to make something like
> gkrellm run on login and stay where I put it.
> Numlock...  I've checked in the keyboard settings dialogue and there's
> not an option to leave it on ( this one really bugs me :) )
> There are a couple of other niggles which I can't specify, it's more
> look and feel than anything :)
> I like Ubuntu and I'm *relatively* familiar with it's idiot-syncronicitys.
> On 26 June 2011 13:17, wolfbite<wolfbite.aus at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Out of curiosity, what's making you go back to Ubuntu?
>> I'm having a Love/Hate with Ubuntu, trying the latest mint on a little
>> tablet/touch :)
>> Main desktop running Ubuntu 11.04 (in classic mode)

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