[plug] Woes with Natty Kubuntu

Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Sun May 1 15:32:53 WST 2011

Hi all,

Been quiet here for a while so I thought I'd drop a cat among the

I upgraded from Kubuntu 10.10 (Meerkat - initially installed X64
version) to Natty via dist-upgrade (done behind the scenes by synaptic,
and it works OK, except I can no longer get into my computer BIOS
(holding fown Del key gives me a storm of beeps and then the Grub menu
appears), and when the Grub menu appears, it will not accept up and down
arrow keys - it always boots into the default. But moments later the USB
keyboard is seen when I enter my password.

Another thing is that every time I reboot, the right screen has the
default wallpaper, while the left has my chosen wallpaper. I reset the
right wallpaper and after a reboot, it's back to the default again.

Anyone got any ideas, except "Don't be a fool and upgrade early"?

This is not the best release I have ever seen, it beats, Windows ME, but
then what didn't?

Richard Meyer

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