[plug] Woes with Natty Kubuntu

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Mon May 2 11:20:39 WST 2011

Hi Richard,

On 01/05/11 15:32, Richard Meyer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Been quiet here for a while so I thought I'd drop a cat among the
> pigeons.
> I upgraded from Kubuntu 10.10 (Meerkat - initially installed X64
> version) to Natty via dist-upgrade (done behind the scenes by synaptic,
> and it works OK, except I can no longer get into my computer BIOS
> (holding fown Del key gives me a storm of beeps and then the Grub menu
> appears), and when the Grub menu appears, it will not accept up and down
> arrow keys - it always boots into the default. But moments later the USB
> keyboard is seen when I enter my password.
> Another thing is that every time I reboot, the right screen has the
> default wallpaper, while the left has my chosen wallpaper. I reset the
> right wallpaper and after a reboot, it's back to the default again.
> Anyone got any ideas, except "Don't be a fool and upgrade early"?
> This is not the best release I have ever seen, it beats, Windows ME, but
> then what didn't?
Hi Richard,

The BIOS issue is unlikely to be related to the installation of Natty.  
It may have been a coincidence (when was the last time you accessed your 
BIOS, before the upgrade?).  If you have a ps2 port & ps2 keyboard (or 
adapter) you could use that to access your BIOS.  You'll then need to 
turn on 'legacy usb support' or whatever it is called on your BIOS.  
This could be pointing to a low CMOS battery.

As far as the screens go....  haven't used Natty with dual screens (yet) 
but it sounds like a permissions problem.  What happens if you kill KDM 
(crtr+del+backspace), do you have the same issue, or only after reboot?

While on the subject of Natty....  I installed Ubuntu 11.04 over the 
weekend...   In a word (after using it for a few hours):  "yuck".   
Intuitive???  Not to me it isn't!    It may be ok for someone new to 
Linux (coming from Win 7) but for long term Linux users (or Win XP users 
for that matter) .....   I wouldn't bother.  I'll keep playing with it 
for a bit but first impressions are not great.

I also tried a preview of Gnome 3 (Fedora 15).  Better....  but not mind 


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