[plug] Questions about GING and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Bret Busby bret.busby at gmail.com
Sat May 14 13:14:34 WST 2011

On 14/05/2011, Bret Busby <bret.busby at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am therefore wondering whether anyone has experience with Debian
> GNU/kFreeBSD and GING, and, whether the FreeBSD kernel includes the
> necessary relevant hardware drivers (if it doesn't recognise the
> optical (CD/DVD) drive, then it is no good, from the start), and,
> whether on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and GING, the GNOME interface can
> replace the KDE interface, and, whether GING, in being available as a
> LiveCD (I am not sure whether we have to build the image, or, whether
> a downloadable iso image for immediately writing to a CD, is
> available), is installable, like the Ubuntu LiveCD being installable.


I have since posting the above query, found that the default interface
for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is apparently GNOME; that the "k" in "Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD", is "k" for kernel, and, not "k" for KDE, as in koffice,
kpdf, kftpgrabber, etc, etc.

The use of the "k" in "Debian GNU/kFreeBSD", appears to be simply an
unfortunate choice, that is confusing.

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
 you'll know what the answer means."
- Deep Thought,
 Chapter 28 of Book 1 of
 "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
 A Trilogy In Four Parts",
 written by Douglas Adams,
 published by Pan Books, 1992


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